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Post-Surgical Care

Appropriate Protocols. Individualized Care.

Our specific, phased post-surgical care is provided in-home, so there’s no driving to appointments.

Phase One

Phase One focuses on tissue healing, decreasing swelling and pain, and protecting the surgical site. This is when we begin scar tissue mobilization and passive range of motion.

Phase Two

Phase Two is when we regain your strength and range of motion, the typical rehabilitation goals. Manual Physical Therapy is especially important now, as hands-on treatment resolves muscle dysfunction and guides the joints through proper motion.

Phase Three

Phase Three means the resumption of everyday activities, such as housework, exercise, and sports. This is when we address movement-based issues which led to the surgery, and ensure that reinjury does not occur. Correct movement is a firm foundation on which to build.

Post Surgical Care Maui | Hana Lima Physical Therapy

“I just thought David was another therapist that I was going to have to have many sessions with to reach recovery. I was in really bad shape for almost a month before I saw him. He came to my house, brought his own table, did an evaluation with me, and very casually said I was going to be fine after he worked on some specific points. Surprisingly, I started feeling really good right away and the next day felt like I was getting better by the minute. I was very impressed by his technique.”

Alex M.

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Please call (808) 446-0382 to schedule an appointment or to inquire about our services, your insurance, or the referral process. You may often see a Physical Therapist without a referral, and we cover most of Maui.

We accept all commercial insurance plans and also have cash rates available; insurances are HMSA, HMAA, UHA, HMA, and United Healthcare.

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“David does EXCELLENT manual therapy! What he does and how you feel after a session with him is simply amazing! He will free you of your pain!”

Kathleen H.
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