At Hana Lima Physical Therapy, we treat the underlying cause of your problems and not just the symptoms.

We bring a unique, mobile treatment model to Maui that makes Physical Therapy more convenient and functional. Our team of knowledgeable therapists provide individualized, evidence-based care, with treatment plans tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. We’re here to help you recover from injury, bounce back from surgery, or improve performance in your sport.

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What We Do

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“Hana Lima” means “work by hand.” Our emphasis on Manual Therapy corrects muscle disorders more quickly, establishes appropriate muscle firing patterns, and resolves joint dysfunction.

Post-Surgical Care | Maui Mobile Physical Therapy | Hana Lima Physical Therapy

Post-Surgical Care

In-home care means no driving to appointments. Our specific, phased approach to postsurgical care ensures that you leave Physical Therapy stronger than you were before the injury.

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Sport Performance

Every sport has unique demands, and performance depends on getting it right. Our movement-based approach evaluates the quality of movement and finds dysfunction before it results in injury.

Our unique, mobile Physical Therapy practice brings expertise and professionalism to your door.

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Please call to schedule an appointment or to inquire about our services, your insurance, or the referral process.  You may often see a Physical Therapist without a referral, and we cover most of Maui.

We accept all commercial insurance plans and also have cash rates available; insurances are HMSA, HMAA, UHA, HMA, and United Healthcare

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Hana Lima Physical Therapy | Maui Mobile Physical Therapy
Dr. David Peterson | Maui Physical Therapist | Maui Mobile Physical Therapy | Hana Lima Physical Therapy

Dr. David Peterson, PT

David started Hana Lima Physical Therapy as an orthopedic clinic to specialize in Manual Therapy and Movement Science. David also addresses sports-specific injuries and performance improvement. He graduated from Pacific University of Oregon in 2011 with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy. David moved to Maui after graduation and ran the Physical Rehabilitation Center in Wailuku until he opened up his own practice in 2013. He enjoys playing ultimate frisbee, golf, tennis, and going to the beach with his wife and three children.

“David really exemplifies physical therapy as it should be…great assessment & palpation skills along with knowledge of the mechanics of the body. Don’t waste your time going to clinics that give you too many “therapy exercises” without first addressing the balance of the muscles & joint stability issues. Mahalo!”

Gul I.
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