Sport-Specific Physical Therapy

Every sport has unique demands… your performance depends on getting it right.
We work with all sports and athletes of every level. Some of our specialties are highlighted below.


Outrigger Canoe Paddling

Whether your shoulder or low back, nearly all OC paddlers will deal with repetitive strain injuries. These injuries are an indication of flaws in your technique, which can be fixed with careful analysis of your stroke. Correcting both the power and recovery phases will allow you more reach, with more power and less strain, following an in-water assessment with Hana Lima Physical Therapy.


Few sports require surfing’s mix of strength, endurance, agility, and balance. Paddling and riding are different activities entirely, and flaws in either can significantly impede performance. We emphasize muscle sequencing and progressive balance training, and we bolster our approach with research from the Surfing Research Lab at California State University San Marcos.



Maui offers beautiful cycling year-round, from the summit of
Haleakala through Ulupalakua, and along the Road to Hana.
Whether you’re a new cyclist or a competitive rider, our USA
Cycling Coach and Bike PT Certified Physical Therapist will
improve your performance and eliminate repetitive strain injuries.

Novice Riders

Proper bike fitting can help eliminate repetitive strain
injuries associated with cycling. We utilize a Blackburn bike
trainer and the Arofly® bike meter to ensure a consistent
cadence, while training proper muscle recruitment during
each phase of the pedal’s revolution. Stop IT Band
Syndrome, patellar tendonitis, and hip flexor strains before
they start with our Introduction to Cycling program.

Maximum Performance

Advanced riders need to quantify performance and
will benefit from a CTS Field Test. By incorporating
Lactate Threshold testing to determine Power Zones, we
can establish the most ideal regimen for training away
weaknesses. A personalized training program will bring
you longer, more powerful rides. Take your performance
to the next level with our Advanced Rider program